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Silence and Stillness behind the Universe

沈 黙 と 祈 り を 描 く

​2021.6.19更新  / 19th. June. updated

Introduction today "Mt. Jonen"


​Mt. Fuji opening ceremony has been
postponed because of  COVID-19.

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A composer made a tune for my paintings and played it. Check here!

My Exhibition schedule updated!  イベント情報を追加しました。


Dignity and Mercy 厳と慈
Dignity and Mercy 厳と慈

1303×1621mm Ink on paper F100号 紙に墨

Mt. Togakusfhi in Winter 冬の戸隠
Mt. Togakusfhi in Winter 冬の戸隠

1303×1621mm Ink on paper F100号 紙に墨

Mt. Togakushi-Nishidake 戸隠西岳
Mt. Togakushi-Nishidake 戸隠西岳

452×1000mm Ink on paper  紙に墨

Blowing Snow 雪煙
Blowing Snow 雪煙

455×455mm Ink on paper S8号 紙に墨

Mt. Fuji  不二
Mt. Fuji 不二

700×1000mm Ink on paper 変形40号 紙に墨

Panoramic View of Matsumoto 北アルプス展望・
Panoramic View of Matsumoto 北アルプス展望・

803×1303mm Ink on paper M60号 紙に墨

Panoramic View of Hakuba 北アルプス展望・白馬
Panoramic View of Hakuba 北アルプス展望・白馬

803×1303mm Ink on paper M60号 紙に墨

Mt. Asamayama in Early Spring 早春の浅間山
Mt. Asamayama in Early Spring 早春の浅間山

651×1000mm Ink on paper M40号 紙に墨

Hotaka Mountains 穂高連峰
Hotaka Mountains 穂高連峰

530×727mm Ink on paper P20号 紙に墨


ARTIST STATEMENT           私の絵と創作について 

   2020 suddenly COVID-19 occurred and forced to change the world, societies, our lives, even more our thoughts. We realized that the earth is one, and the importance of its environment, even though we knew it already.

   Before COVID-19 calamity, we thought that the progress of science and economy were limitless, and commodities and pleasures were immense. But now we recognized they were not omnipotent nor immense. COVID-19 calamity taught us the importance of true self-realization and  happiness. Limitless is inside us.

   I think there are two dimensions in this world. One is so called reality which is perceptible and we live in. The other is something/somewhere behind it which/where this reality comes from and goes back to. I can’t explain it in words so I temporary call it SILENCE. SILENCE is the basis of all. We would be a lost child and society would get confusion when we were disconnected with this SILENCE. It tells us that we stood just on the cliff of this lost and confusion before COVID-19 calamity.

   The SILENCE is not philosophy nor religion. It’s just always with us and  helps us to be. We get relief, healing, and self-reliance when we are connected with it. My art concept is to express the door to that SILENCE. I wish my painting would be a door for you opening to the SILENCE.

   Thank you.                             12th Jan. 2021





​           2021年1月12日 山下康一

Other essays and curator's comment here! / キュレーターの解説等はこちらをご覧下さい。



4th - 10th Aug. 2021   Inoue Department Store, Nagano, Japan.

26th Feb. - 15th Mar. 2022   Cafe & Gallery Azumino En-en, Nagano, Japan


2021.8.4 - 10   井上百貨店(長野県松本市)

​2022.2.26 - 3.15   カフェギャラリー安曇野縁縁(長野県安曇野市)



 Essays and detailed information here! / 随筆と詳細情報はこちら
​Blog:Sitting Home, Sitting the Universe / ブロク゛『帰家穏坐』


1965   Born in Gumma Prefecture Japan / 群馬県高崎市生まれ

1987   Started painting by self-taught / 独学で絵画を始める

1989   B.S. Shinshu Univ. ecology major / ​信州大学卒(生態学専攻)

1992   Started solo exhibitions in Japan / 個展で作品発表を始める

2010   Started ink-painting by self-taught / 独学で墨絵を始める

2018   Started solo exhibition abroad / 海外で個展を始める


Detailed information here !

​Photo : 2020
墨絵と水彩画の新作近作を展示します。 どうぞお気軽にお越し下さい。 井上百貨店本店6階・ギャラリー井上(東・西ホール) (写真は2019年の時のものです)
8月04日 10:00 – 8月10日 15:00
日本、〒390-8507 長野県松本市深志2丁目3−1
DSC_1037 2.jpg