Like all sounds come from silence and go back to,

all lights and colors come from darkness and go back to.

Both silence and darkness are not nothingness, but resources of all. 




Creation is only the projection into

from of what which already exists.

​(Ancient Hindu Text)



Being quiet like a thunder  (Vimalakīrti-nirdeśa Sūtra)

黙如雷  黙すこと雷の如し(維摩経)





To learn painting is to learn myself. To learn myself is to forget myself.

​To forget myself is to get unity with the universe. To get unity is to make

myself the universe.​ (Following the words of Zen master Dogen 1200 - 1253)




My purpose to paint picture is to make painting perfect brush by brush.

That means that ​to be myself completely breath by breath.


​そして自分未踏のその先が前人未到の境地である。画家・中川一政 (1893-1991)

​First, I worked in the people. Next, I worked for myself. The last, I work for God. Keep on exploring yourself.

Then you will get globally historically new art. Kazumasa Nakagawa, Japanese artist (1893-1991).





 I was born in countryside and used to play in nature, climbing trees, hills, swimming in the river, and so on. When I was 22 years old, I started painting by self-taught. I wanted to paint nature which I had seen for long time.

 At first I used oil. But soon changed to watercolor because the atmosphere of oil painting was very different from what I saw in nature, feelings of transiency and infinity of the universe. After 23 years, when I was 45 years old, I began Sumie, black and white painting using Japanese and Chinese traditional black ink on paper. Because watercolor was not enough for me to express what I saw in nature.

 When I painted by watercolor, I tried to express the feeling of transiency by layering thin colors. But about infinity feeling, I could not catch it at that time. When I got to know the limits of watercolor expression, I started Sumie. But it was very different from watercolor. By trial and error, I found many unexpected things; nature was just a symbol, using many wet-in-wet washes invited natural phenomenon in painting, and more, the unpainted parts, like snow, cloud, and mist, showed me a great wisdom of how to live. To express without painting implies for me to live without ego, let it be, let it go. Then I found infinite silence and stillness in the black painted background where all transient things come from and go back to. I realized the relation between transiency and infinity.

 Since then to connect these silence and stillness is my primary thing to paint. Now I do not want to put myself into my painting because I have known that I am not the man who paint a picture but a witness to the manifesting art. I just want my painting to be a clear mirror. As myself goes out from painting, so it reflects your being clearly.


 Thank you.









1st March. 2019 - 27th Sep. 2020  NORTHERN ALP MUSEUM, Hokkaido, JAPAN

12th ​April - 12th July, 2020  Crestone, Colorado, USA (28th June talk and workshop)

May, 2020  Gallery Kinasa, Nagano, JAPAN

2020 GERMANY ( Detailed information is coming soon )

​1st April - 30th June, 2021  Crestone, Colorado, USA


2020.3.1 - 2020.9.27. 北のアルプ美術館 (北海道斜里町)

​2020年4月12日 - 7月12日 アメリカ・コロラド州・クレストン (6月28日講演会とワークショップ)

2020年5月 ギャラリー鬼無里(長野県長野市)

2020年 ドイツ (詳細は後日お知らせ致します)

2021年4月1日 - 6月30日 アメリカ・コロラド州・クレストン

 Essays and detailed information here! / 随筆と詳細情報はこちら
​Blog:Traveling Here and Now / ブロク゛『今ここを旅する』


1965   Born in Gumma Prefecture Japan / 群馬県高崎市生まれ

1987   Started painting by self-taught / 独学で絵画を始める

1992   Started solo exhibitions in Japan / 個展で作品発表を始める

2018   Solo exhibition in Germany ( Frankfurt am Main ) / ドイツ・フランクフルトで個展

2019   Solo exhibition in Germany ( Darmstadt) / ドイツ・ダルムシュタットで個展


Detailed information here !

Oct 02, 2019, 10:00 AM – Sep 27, 2020, 5:00 PM
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Blowing Snow 雪煙

455×455mm Ink on paper S8号 紙に墨